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WONDERWorks helps improve the lives of exploited women and children in Nepal, especially those working in the entertainment sector. Current initiatives include:

Project Dignity:

Provides a dignified living for exploited women by paying a fair trade wage for the making of washable sanitary pads which are then distributed free to school girls in remote regions. The aim is to ensure they go to school during their monthly periods, thereby decreasing the drop out rate and minimising the risk of trafficking and early marriage.

Project Last Hope:

Offers one off, immediate help to desperate women and children who need support to get back on their feet. Eg, support for schooling, sudden medical or travel costs, or emergency funding for food and accommodation.

Small Beginnings:

Small business start ups to help women gain independence and escape exploitation. Includes funding, business workshops, follow ups and ongoing support.

Emergency Safe House:

Temporary, safe shelter for women and children at risk of violence.

Forward Steps:

Training to up skill exploited women to enable them to support themselves and their families in a dignified way. Training is mainly through our tailoring course, but may also include, barista training, security guard training, driving and so on.

Health Matters:

Well Woman Camps providing gynaecological screening and treatment, plus private HIV screening.

Support Centre:

Our centre , which is the heart of our organisation aims to benefit the emotional, physical and mental health of women and children. It is a drop in centre and we also run activities such as Self Defence Training, First Aid Courses, English Conversation Classes, Skills Training, Business Workshops and School holiday programmes.


Email: info@wonderworksasia.org
Website: www.wonderworksasia.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wonderworksasia

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